Thursday, May 10, 2012

Raspberry & Teal Retro Beauty

not only have i made a new top and new skirt this time, but i've made an entirely new outfit...and i must say that this is the cutest outfit i have in my closet now =)  so, if you've read my previous post, you know that i've been accepted to O'More College of Design where i will be getting a degree in fashion design.  well, every year the school puts on a fashion show showcasing the designs of select juniors and seniors.  as an admitted student i was invited to attend the show and i couldn't be more excited!  this is why i needed a new outfit.

so, for my skirt i reverted to my favorite design...the circle skirt.  i saw this gorgeous polka dotted stretch cotton fabric at Hancock Fabrics a while ago, but continued to pass it by.  when this opportunity arose i knew exactly that i was going to use it.  i mean. it just screams vintage and retro! 

in making this skirt i actually used some new techniques other than the ones i typically do for my circle skirts.  for this 1/2 circle skirt i inserted a side zipper.  for the waistband you will notice i strayed away from my usual elastic waistband and did a real waistband, featuring two fabric covered buttons-which i covered myself-for a tight fit.  another change was to the hem.  usually i do a bias tape hem so that i don't have to go throught all the trrouble of trying to do a hem on a circle...b/c it can be a pain.  doing the narrow hem actually was fairly easy.
i absolutely love how this skirt turned out and next on the agenda was to make a top that complimented the skirt.  for the top i went to Joann Fabrics.  while perusing through the red-tag fabric section i spotted this raspberry-colored chiffon.  in my head i envisioned a sheer chiffon top being paired with the skirt, so i knew this was the fabric.  i had also bought this great pattern from Simplicity a while back and knew this style was what i wanted.  i love the vintage feel the ruffle adds to the top.  for those of you that have done/do quite a bit of sewing, you probably just read this section and thought, "chiffon? nooooo! what is she thinking?!"  well, i did some research online about sewing with chiffon and found all the horror stories.  i was a little afraid before starting the project but decided to continue on.  since i used chiffon i did have to do some tweaks.  like for the seams, b/c chiffon frays easily, i used french seams. and all hems and edges, unless encased, are double turned.  doing those little changes did add extra time to the process, but i knew if i didn't do them i would be very unhappy once the top was finished.  even with the difficulties i went through in sewing the top it turned out great and looks gorgeous with the skirt.

now, i am ready to put my best foot forward at the fashion show tomorrow night and watch all the amazing student designs head down the runway!