Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spandex Bike Shorts

so, i have this pair of cotton spandex shorts that i used to wear years ago, like back when i was 7 and took gymnastics!  lately, i've started wearing them under my soffee shorts when i ride my bike.  they are comfy and i love that they add length to my shorts that are too short.  well, since i only have that one pair, i got inspired to make me some more.

i was in Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day and found an awesome printed spandex, this is also known as swimsuit fabric.  right away i knew i had to buy some and make me some shorts!  i bought 1 yard for my shorts, and depending on how long or short you want yours to be you'll need more or less.  i used the old shorts as a template for a pattern.  i made the pattern, but the way i did it didn't seem right, so i did some research.  i found this great tut that shows how to create a pattern for when the front and back crotch sections will be a little different.  since i had already cut my pattern pieces out, i found it worked best to just place the pieces side-by-side on the double layered flat fabric.  once i had the pices cut out it was time to get sewin!  for the only two inside seams i used my serger.  this made things easier and it was better since i am working with a stretch fabric.  if you don't have a serger, or don't want to use yours, you can do a simple zig-zag stitch.  just avoid straight stitches b/c they will not stretch with the fabric.  for the hem on the legs i simply serged the straight edge then turned it up and sewed it in palce using a zig-zag stitch.  i did the same for the waistband.  also while sewing the waistband i left a little opening to insert my elastic.  once the elastic was in and sewn together, you just close it up and your shorts are complete!  and i must say, they are very comfy! i will DEF be making more!!


  1. Just found you today on pinterest. Cute shorts! I'm gonna keep my eye on you, I can tell you will have lots of cute ideas. :)

    1. Well welcome!! thanks! I always try to inspire others!

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