Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Remnant Tri-fold Wallet

so for a while now i've been wanting a new wallet.  i knew i wouldn't be able to find one in stores that i really liked, so i went on a hunt on Pinterest for a simple tutorial.  i knew i wanted my wallet to be full size so i wouldn't have to fold the bills up to put them in it, it needed to have a zippered pocket for coins, and have card slots.  in my research i stumbled upon this cute fabric wallet over at Color Me Domestic.  it was in her blog post i found the link for the original tutorial for the wallet over at All Wrapped Up.

here is the wallet from All Wrapped Up.  
it was exactly what i was looking for!  it fit all the criteria i was looking for, and a huge thing i liked was that the zippered coin pocket was inside the wallet instead of on the outside.  

i read through the instructions and knew it was easy enough.  the one thing that intimidated me though was that all the measurements are in centimeters.  yeah, i'm used to working in inches and even converted all the measurements to inches, but then decided to suck it up and make it in centimeters.  once i realized that reading a tape measure in centimeters wasn't rocket science i knew i could do this!

i also drew inspiration from Gen's, of Color Me Domestic, version where she added the flap extension.

i wanted my wallet to be a tri-fold, having a flap extension also, with my extension going all the way down.

to do this i cut the main pieces out at 35cm, instead of the 22cm.  with the floral fabric, there wasn't enough to get the full 35cm rectangle, so i cut it out with what i had then made up for the length by doing a lime green strip for the outside.  something happened though with the floral print with ironing once the strip was sewn in.  the heat caused it to shrink up, so that piece ended up being about 32cm.  everything worked out nonetheless, although i would've liked to have had those extra 3cm.  also note to self, i could've moved the green strip down.

for my closure i did a magnetic snap, and i found this awesome 2-pack of teal snaps at JoAnn's on sale for $0.97!!  yes, i am obsessed with using magnetic snaps after using them on my purse and realizing how easy they are to install!

to finish the wallet and close that open side where i placed the other part of the snap i hand-stitched it.  i mainly did that because i couldn't get where i needed to with my machine because the snap was in the way.

i'm loving my new wallet and am thinking of making another version!


  1. Can't believe I've just found this gorgeous version of my wallet tutorial. I've linked you to a page of reader designs. http://mel-allwrappedup.blogspot.com.au/p/patchwork-y-bifold-wallet-versions.html. Loving the neat finish.

    1. Wow, thanks for including me! And love your inspiring design!