Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainbow Ruffles

so a little break away from my usual sewing creations.  this one is about yarn!! other love.  a family friend enlightened me to this awesome yarn that looks like ribbon when it's on the skein(fancy name for the yarn ball you buy from the store), looks like net when you pull it apart, and creates an amazing ruffled scarf!
TA DA!!!!!
now, the way you're supposed to make the scarf is by knitting it, but i like to improvise and do things my way, so i decided to crochet.  making this scarf was so easy and i am definitely gonna have to make more!  this particular yarn is by Bernat, but Red Heart and Starbella make some also...and there's prob other brands but these are the ones i've found.  also, this stuff sells out fast!  every place online i've looked at has been sold out and even the stores can't keep it.  so word of advice if you want to buy, get it when you see it if it's in stock. this is the link where i bought my yarn, for those of you interested.  so if you decide to take a stab at it, happy knitting or crocheting!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jumper 'Round

so, i don't know what it is, but i have become infatuated with jumpers.  of course, my love of retro clothing has something to do with it, but i think too its that i just love the look and simplicity of them.  now i know that most people just think of jumpers being for little girls, but , hey!, you can certainly style them in a way that be tailored for a person in their 20s, and still keep that retro vibe.
yes, this picture is very small, but you can get the gist of where my inspiration came from.  this is a tan jumper from (love this site!!) that was on there 'til they had their cabin fever sale and it sold out.  from the moment i saw this i fell in love with it and decided i wanted to make something similar to it.

so here is my version!  it is solid black corduroy and features two awesome patterned buttons i found at Joann fabrics.  the front panel is only in the front, it has a zipper in the back, and i did 1/4 circle skirt for the bottom.  this was my first one, so of course there are things that i know to do differently and change up a little for the others i make.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plum Pin-up

just finished a new dress!!  the design is something i made up on my own, but the inspiration to make a pin-up dress came from the awesome red Bettie Page pin-up i bought from the store where i work.
after some research for what type of fabric to use for my pin-up inspired dress, i found this awesome this awesome plum stretch bengaline.  since the dress has a pin-up vibe the bodice is very fitted and for the bottom i did a 1/2 circle skirt, instead of a full circle skirt.  the fabric is so comfy and i absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Purse Time!

well, i decided that i wanted a new purse.  so, i thought and thought about how i wanted my purse to look before i started creating.  i am the type of girl who loves a purse that can hold my things but isn't too big and bulky and is easy to have on-the-go.  this is why i love the crossbody designs.  my newest purse is made of printed cotton duck for the outside and is fully lined in red cotton.  it features 2 slip pockets on the inside, a red-lined slip pocket and zippered pocket on the outside.  i aso added an adjustable strap.  i love how this purse came out and it is exactly what i envisioned!  i may just have to make AT LEAST one more in a new pattern or solid color =D

Monday, January 9, 2012

Swimmin' In Teal

gah, finally finished my bathing suit!!  there were so many moments when i just wanted to give up and stop working on it, but i knew this was something i really wanted and knew it would turn out great once i finished it.  so, i continued forward...and actually, you could say that this final bathing suit is my second one.  the first i made following the pattern i got from BurdaStyle, but the fit just wasn't workin for me, so i improvised (it's what i do best. hehe)

so, i don't know if it was just me and my slowness, or the complexity of the directions for the BurdaStyle pattern, but it frustrated me sooooooo much!  first of all, cutting the bodice pieces the exact length they were from the pattern made the bodice too short for me and created an awful fit.  i couldn't get the 'boob section' to attach right and the croctch was just plain awkward.  too many issues going on and that is why i created my own.

for my own creation, i did use pieces from the burdastyle pattern for some some assistance.  i used the front and back bodice pieces, but only to trace the bottom sections, then i drew my own idea for the rest of the bodice.  i created my own 'boob piece' by just making a rectangle and cinching it in the middle and covering that with a tab.  i also added a front panel, which is what creates the ruching in the front.  now by no means is my bathing suit perfect, but it was much easier to put together than the burdastyle one (i do still love theirs, though).  also, the back, crotch and top piece are all lined.  no need to line the front bodice piece b/c of the ruched panel!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Stuff for 2012!!!

my first new post of 2012!! unfortunately, i'm not posting a project, so now you're probably wondering why i'm posting then. lol  well, this post will fill you in on what i'm working on, will soon be working on, and future projects i'd like to do.  up first, my new bathing suit. 
if you haven't seen any of my other posts, i will tell you that i am fascinated with the styles of the 50s and 60s.  i don't know what it is, but something about those style eras captivates me.  i've been making circle skirts, but then decided i wanted to add more retro wear to my wardrobe.  i cam across this free bathig suit pattern on BurdaStyle and instantly fell in love with it b/c it is vintage inspired.
so, i purchased fabric to make this suit following their pattern, but at points it's vague and after awhile it started gettin' on my nerves so i put it down.  i then started creating my own suit design and making it out of some more fabric i bought.  so far, my design is going much easier.  i can't wait 'til it's finished and can share the finished product with y'all!!

after my bathing suit, my next project idea is to make a 50s dress.  my inspiration is this red one i have on. 
this one i bought from the clothing store i work at, and it is the red Alika made by Bettie Page.  i absolutely love these atyle dresses and wanted more, so i bought some fabulous plum colored stretch bengaline from Joann Fabric to make my idea a manifestation.

now, for the final project that's in my head right now.  the inspiration for this one is courtesy of Modcloth.  love this site, and one day i WILL order something from them!!  i saw this jumper when i was browsing the site earlier tonight and fell in love with it b/c of the wonderful retro look it has.  so i thought, i can make that!!...and make that i shall!!  of course i'll have to tweak it to fit my personality and my likes, but i'll def have something similar.  (i hate it's not bigger, so if you want a closer look here's the link:

so, back to my sewing machine it is!  well, that is, tomorrow, when it's daylight and i've slept :)