Monday, March 5, 2012

Skirtin' In Denim

nowadays, it seems like most women's skirts you find in stores look like they should belong in the children's section b/c of how short they are.  for you shorties out there i know they work perfectly for you, but for those of us with long legs, that don't like showing their goods to the world when they sit or bend or function daily, it's hard to find the perfect skirt sometimes.  this was my dilemma when trying to find a new denim skirt.  instead of agonizing anymore over this dreaded hunt i did some research, something i'm very good at when i want something, and found this great tut.  what's awesome is that i was able to reuse some jeans i had that i loved but were too big and too long.  i pretty much followed the tut step-by-step, but made some changes by cutting it a little shorter, but still maintaining the modesty, and making my hem an inch and a half.  all in all, i love how the skirt turned out and might have to make another one with light denim.

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