Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bike Shorts Abound!

i was getting ready for work yesterday and decided to put on one of my dresses, since it's so hot here in TN.  i put on the dress and i think trolls got in my closet and shrank my dress b/c it was soooo short! i'm 5'7" with a long torso and long legs, so most dresses and skirts usually look too short on me anyway.  now, when i bought this dress, and the first time i wore it, it was not this short...i will never buy a dress or skirt if i feel it's too short.  but at this point i needed to leave for work and couldn't change.  so i grabbed the cotton bike shorts i made awhile ago and put 'em on.  this is when i decided that i was just going to make me some more bike shorts.  yes it's over 100* here but it's better than worryin' about showin' my goods.  so i stopped by Hancock Fabrics and JoAnn after work last night and grabbed some fabric for my shorts.

since these are my new wardrobe staple i bought 3 colors: red, navy, and some more black.  this time i bought swimsuit/dancewear fabric to make them from.  this material works better than cotton too b/c some of my dresses and skirts tend to stick to the black cotton ones.  *it's also kind of pricey, but thank goodness for sales and coupons!*

so today, i made 3 pairs of bike shorts! i'm ready to go now! :)  well, just need to get some white fabric to make some white ones...and it would also be nice if i could find some brown.

and yes, i'm still going to put up the tut on how i made my awesome tie-dye hammock tree's just my procrastination kickin' in.

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