Friday, July 5, 2013

Self-drafted Shorts

now that i'm in Fashion Design school i definitely am more adventurous about my sewing and trying new projects.  this new found courage is what prompted me to want to draft my own shorts.  i took Flat Pattern 1 last semester and in that class we drafted patterns for the upper body, i.e. peasant blouse, button-down, and basic torso slopers.  when we start back in the fall, i'll be taking Flat Pattern 2.  in there we'll be drafting patterns for the lower body.  so, i've already got a head start since i drafted a pair of shorts :)  so i grabbed my school book, some wrapping paper to draft the pattern, and my drafting tools and moved full speed ahead!

once the first pattern was drafted i made up a muslin of them and tried them on.  the depth of the back crotch slop wasn't deep enough and there were fit issues across the front.  so i made the pattern alterations and whipped up the second muslin.  they fit this time!

once the pattern was complete i whipped up a pair from some leftover black fabric i had from when i made the black pleated circle skirt.  i didn't have enough fabric for the inside of the waistband, so i used some leftover lime green pique i had from the lime green Simplicity dress.  plus, it's really fun to have the slight hint of lime green!

i'm really impressed with how my shorts turned out, especially considering this was my first time using a self-drafted pattern.  next time i make some though i know to make the height of the waistband shorter and shorten the length of the zipper placement.  i will also add back pockets since i will be using a better fabric and have more of it.  all-in-all, not to bad for drafting my own pattern!  i even did a contoured waistband!

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