Thursday, December 15, 2011

Goin' In Circles

i know, i know, i've needed to update, but i've been busy making things! 

so, i am completely in love with the styles of the 50s and 60s and have become inspired by them.  lately my new thing has been making circle skirts ofr myself.  they are sooo easy to make and are classically cute.  here,, is the website where i go to get the equations to figure out the measurements for my skirts...and what's even better, is that they have four different skirt variations.  full circle skirt, 3/4 circle skirt, 1/2 circle skirt, and 1/4 circle skirt.  the only one i haven't made is the 3/4 circle skirt.  so far, all the circle skirts i've made have been out of printed cottons i've gotten from Hobby Lobby.  i use 2" elastic for the waistband.
this cherry skirt was my first ever circle skirt, and is a full circle.  i was really excited to find this fabric b/c i love cherries, and it has that vintage 50s look!
this skirt was my second circle skirt and is a 1/4 circle.  for me, this skirt only requires one yard.  i took this picture before i got a chance to add the black bias tape to the hem, instead of doing a regular hem.
this skirt, probaby my fave b/c of the colors and pattern, is another 1/4 circle and has an off-white bias tape hem.
this skirt is a 1/2 circle and has a turquoise-y bias tape hem.  i absolutely love the pattern b/c it has a wonderful retro feel to it.
this, is my latest skirt, just finished it today.  it is an awesome printed corduroy i found at Joann Fabric and Craft store.  i figured i needed to make some skirts that had more of a winter-y feel.  since it is corduroy i added a full lining.  i also did an invisible zipper and...a ral hem!! yes, i did what seems like the impossible to a circle skirt and did a real, turned up hem.  now granted, i did cheat and use my new-found friend, Stitch Witchery, instead of having to sew the hem.  i did the same for the lining.

so, as you can see, i have been busy over the last few days adding new clothing to my wardrobe.  for the cherry skirt and the green dot skirt i added tutorials on my site here,  i am also keepin with my new tradition of making christmas presents for family and friends, and seeing as christmas is in 10 days, i guess i should get to workin on the fleece infinity scarves i am going to make for them.  of course i will post pictures of the finished products.  so, until next time, happy sewing!..and a little inspiration from a fabulous pin i found on Pinterest Pinned Image

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  1. Love your clothes! I am especially interested in knowing how you constructed the infinity scarf and the cross body purse. They are both very cool! Your skirts are so retro, love your fabric and style choices. So glad Joann's linked to your skirt on Facebook! I am a quilter, but I have always been intrigued by sewing clothing. Maybe I will have to try my hand at it in 2012.