Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dots All Around

so, i recently made myself a new dress.  i originally bought the fabric to make another circle skirt, but then thought how i would love to have a new dress.  then i remembered my awesome retro 60s dress pattern i bought, and hadn't used yet!!

and how fitting to make a 60s retro dress using a printed cotton called 'retro dots'?!  thus, lo and behold, i created this dress!  when i tried it on before hemming it fell below my knee and after hemming it was too short to be a dress so i now have a new tunic. lol  nonetheless, i still love it!!...although i am a little sad though that i won't be able to wear it with my awesome red tights.  i can't wait to make more, and see what other fabrics i can try out.

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