Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pettiskirt Time

so for my latest project, i decided i wanted a pettiskirt to go under my circle skirts sometimes.  of course i looked at different websites, considering purchasing one, but, heavens to betsey!, they can get pricey.  so i did some research on pettiskirt, aka crinoline, tutorials.  the most helpful one i found is from this little site:  she does a wonderful job of explaining everything!  i followed her tut for doing my layers, using my measurements, then i tweaked it a little by adding a satin piece for the top of mine.  to add the satin waist piece i subtracted the length i wanted it to be from the total length i wanted the pettiskirt to be.  i also didn't add the ribon pieces over the seams of each layer.  so you'll have a better idea, here is how i did my version.

i placed right sides together for my tulle, so i ended up with a regular seam, instead of a flat one.  i will say too, that it is kind of a pain having to gather the fabric to fit the length of the next tier...but i made it!  i also added a ribbon trim to the edge.  i used regular ribbon, which means i had to fold the ribbon in half as it was going through the machine to create the bias tape edge.  i'm kicking my self though, b/c i was going to buy some satin quilt binding and cut it in half then use those pices for the edge, and i should have b/c it would have given me enough for the edge. *note: if you buy ribbon, get 2 spools!
next for the waist piece, i cut two pieces at the measurements i wanted the piece to be and sewed the pieces together along the sides.  i then folded the top down to make a case for the elastic to go into.  sew this closed, but as you get back to your starting point leave an open section.  this is where i fed my elastic through, and once i had both ends of the elastic out i sewed them together to tuck back into the casing.  then sew it shut!

then, voila!, i have my pettiskirt!!  while it's not perfect, i am pretty stoked that it turned out this well, especially since this was the first time i've ever made one and the first time i've ever sewn with tulle and satin.  below i've added pics of circle skirts i've made with and without the addition of the pettiskirt.

this is 1/4 circle skirt.  if i do wear a pettiskirt with this one, which chances are i won't b/c it doesn't really need the extra umph, i would make a slimmer one. 

 this is 1/2 circle skirt.  love the  the pettiskirt gives this one!

 this a full circle skirt.  next time i wear this one i will def wear the pettiskirt.  looks a whole lot better with the extra volume!

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