Monday, February 27, 2012

Bows & Bibles

yes, i've been slacking in posting about my latest projects.  this bowtie i actually made probably 3 weeks ago, while the bible cover i made more recently.  so now i've taken a break from taking a break to post the projects. :)  so, the bowtie.  i got a special request from a girl i know who wanted a red bowtie for her 2-year old little boy.  i had never made a bowtie before, but figured it wouldn't be difficult.  so i did some research on Pinterest and found this easy tutorial on papernstitch blog...and what was even more awesome is that the tutorial was made using measurements for a 2-year old boy!
as you can see it turned out fabulously, and i'm sure i will be getting more requests from her!

next mom's bible cover.
my mom recently bought a new bible, which is bigger than most bibles, so she needed a new cover.  i thought it would be awesome to make her one so i did some research and found a great tutorial from Tracy's Treasury.  my original plan was to follow her exactly, but i couldn't find a zipper long enough so i had to improvise.  also, instead of having fabric cut from a bolt i bought 1 fabric quarter for the outside and 2 fabric quarters for the inside.  i also used regular brown fleece for the interfacing and added brown piping around the edges.

next on the project list, i'm altering a couple dresses for a friend and decided i wanted a new denim skirt so i'm going to upcycle some jeans to make one!

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