Friday, November 9, 2012

Projects On My Sewing Table...

well, actually the only table i use is the one with my 2 sewing machines and serger on it.  everything else i do is on the living room floor.  one day though, i will have a cutting/sewing table!

so, currently i cam working on the jacket/coat that is due in December for my Clothing Construction 1 class.  i have the outer shell done and just need to construct my lining, sew it in place, hem the coat and put on buttons.  i know, it's not due until December, so am i soooo ahead you ask?  well, once i get into my sewing moods it's always hard for me to stop and, this fabric (a wool blend) frays like crazy so i wanted to get the outside constructed so i could get the edges serged and stop the fraying.

one thing i am having to do though is redo the belt.  my mom needs extra length on the belt so it will close correctly across the front.  i hate to have to do this though because i already have the seams serged and that means i have to cut the serged stitches, take out the seam a little and replace the belt.  at least the coat will fit better once it's done.

and here's a close up of the buttons my mom chose for her coat.  they go with the coat perfectly and have a classy, vintage look to them.  so cute!

the other project i'll be working on is 3 bowties for my mom's hairdresser's little boy.  i've made one bowtie for him before (although the fitting of it is weird since i didn't have actual bowtie closures) and she asked me for 3 more.  this time i ordered some bowtie slides from Etsy so she ail be able to get a lot of use out of the bowties as he gets older.  so, i will be working on those this weekend to get them done.  i'll be doing a red one, black one, and polka dot one.  i'm especially excited about the polka dot one because i think it'll be so cute!

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