Monday, November 5, 2012

Seein' Red...Jeans

for the longest i have wanted a pair of red skinny jeans.  i've looked in stores but could never find the perfect pair.  well, finally a solution!  for my Clothing Construction 1 class our second sewing assignment was to make a pair of pants.  so what did i do?!  i bought some lightweight red denim and made me some red skinny jeans, of course!

this was my first time EVER making a pair of pants.  i must say though, they turned out pretty darn good!  i am sooooo ready to rock my red skinny jeans.

i pretty much followed the pattern to a 't'...i mean, we kind of had to for the class.  

the only tiny change i did make was adding pockets on the back.  i'm not a fan of jeans that have no back pockets...well, except for my amazingly awesome and comfy pair of denim i took another air of jeans, traced the pocket and made a template.  easy peasy!

also, in class, we talked about the different types of seams you can find on you have your classic seam, there's a flat-felled seam (which is done on the inside seam of jeans), and a fake flat felled seam(which is when they basically do a traditional seam then on the outside they do a topstitch).  for my jeans i chose to do a true flat-felled seam.  and i'm glad i did because the end result was great!
gorgeous flat-felled seam

and to make the jeans even better is the fact that they are long enough!  for those of you that have never had the wonderful opportunity of having jeans that are supposed to be long but hit above your ankles, you don't know what you're missing.  just kidding!  while many can empathize about jeans being too long it stinks hardly being able to find a pair of jeans that are actually long enough.  with these though, i don't have that issue!...even if i did have to add 5" to the pattern.  that's what i love about being able to make clothing now.  i can tailor it to fit me!

another awesome thing I love about these jeans is that they have a higher rise.  i have gotten to the point in my life-gosh i sound so old!-where i'm not a fan of the uberlow-cut jeans that like to shimmy their way down and make you look like a plumber when you try to do the most ordinary tasks.  these jeans hit me just below my natural waistline...although they could be just a tad lower.  all-in-all though, i love the jeans, and i may just have to make more. 

and here is a great little video that shows how a flat-felled seam is done, for those of you that don't know how to do one.

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