Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Black Pleated Skirt

i had been needing a solid black skirt for some time now...so i decided to whip one up with some forgotten black fabric i had.  and by forgotten i mean, i bought it a while ago at Hancock Fabrics, left it in the bag in my room, and somehow it got buried under clothes.  then i happened to find it one day when i saw a plastic bag sticking out from under the clothes mound.  yes, i was surprised when i looked in the bag...and it was an awesome surprise!  my solid black skirt could come to fruition!

for the skirt i reverted to my favorite silhouette...the circle skirt.  instead of doing a full circle skirt i did a 1/2 circle skirt.  i then created a waistband and did a simple button closure at the top of the zipper.

i also added pockets, because no skirt or dress is complete without them, using the ones from the pattern for The Houndstooth Coat.

another detail i added to the skirt was the inverted box pleats.  i did two in the front and two in the back.  i love the shape and flare the pleats add to the movement of the skirt.

i couldn't been any happier with how the skirt turned out, and i feel like i need to make another one because i end up wearing this one so much since it is my only black skirt.  plus, it goes perfectly with all my colored tights!

first time wearing the skirt after making it

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