Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We met the MET!

Day 2 in New York!  Sunday was a chill day.  When we first left the hotel, we went to Central Park and walked sound for a little bit. After leaving Central Park we head to the MET. Since this is a school trip of course we are going to have educational experiences. Our one for Sunday was checking out the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit.

I was excited to just even be going to the MET, and when we got to the exhibit we were not disappointed. All the garments and accessories were spectacular!

The intricacies and amount of detail on each gown was amazing!

I also loved seeing the setting each gown was in. They did a superb job of displaying everything in its own little world.

One of my most absolute favorite parts of the exhibit was the section where the gowns were inspired by blue & white porcelain china.  The details!  The sparkle!  The overall design of the gowns was...spectacular!

Another exhibit that I absolutely loved was the one with the giant lighted columns that looked like bamboo, and then there were warriors in solid white and black ensembles amidst the columns.

The way the columns create such mystery around the statues was awesome.

Seeing the statues standing in there, and the mysterious atmosphere made me want to climb in there with them so badly. Lol

After the exhibit, we split up into groups and Hannah, Naja, and I headed back towards Chelsea.  We went into Chelsea Market to see what that was about and grabbed a bite to eat.

After that we headed back to the hotel until it was time to leave for dinner, at a Mexican restaurant called Toloache.  The food was good there and you could just tell that all their ingredients were fresh.

Later, the group headed back to the hotel to call it a night and prepare for our first day of meetings.

So, until next time, when I'll tell y'all about our visits!

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