Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jazzed Up Sunglass Case

so i bought some prescription sunglasses recently and i started to grow tired of looking at the standard black case.  i had some scraps of fabric stashed away so i decided to spruce up my case. 
here are the instructions on how you can spruce up any of your cases.  to do this you will need some Mod Podge(i used the one that says fabric), fabric of your choice, and a sponge applicator like these, which you can get individually at Joann for like $.69.

to begin with, you'll need to take out the inner lining.  mine is plastic and was simply glued in, so with a little force i was able to pull it out.

to start covering your case you'll want to start at the back, where the hinge is.  you'll notice you can't slide fabric between the hinge and the case so you'll have to cut your fabric to fit around.  to do this simply lay your fabric over the hinge and trace around the hinge.  by placing the fabric on top of the hinge you're leaving enough fabric on the side that will be tucked inside the case.
after you get that traced cut out the rectangle section.

now, brush some Mod Podge on the case under the the hinge and glue your fabric down, lining up the edge against the edge of the hinge.  you'll also see how you have the tabs sticking up on either side of the hinge.

next, cover the large section of the case in Mod Podge.  glue your fabric down, making sure you smooth it out flat.

now you're going to cover the front edge of the case.  here you'll need to make sure to pull your fabric tight so it is smooth.

after you've glued the front edge you're going to do the round edges.  starting with one side you're going to pull your fabric tight to the inside.  by pulling it tight it allows you to get the fabric as smooth as possible so you won't have a lot of pleats.  on a couple sections, though, you may get some pleating but that is ok.  repeat for the other side.

once the sides are covered, pull the fabric back on the inside so you can cover the inner edge with Mod Podge and get the fabric glued down.  when i did the second side i discovered it's easiest to glue the inside of the front edge first, cut off some of the excess fabric, then glue the rest of the sides.  then cut away as much excess as you'd like. 

once you've done all that, you're done!  my lining was still pretty sticky so i simply stuck it back in there.  add someglue or Mod Podge if yours doesn't stick as well.
now, i haven't done it in the above picture, but i'm thinking of adding a sealing layer of Mod Podge on top.  thiis step is completely up to you.

i hope you enjoy your fancy case as much as i will mine!!

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