Monday, July 2, 2012

Seein' Stars

4th of July is coming up, and although i have to work i wanted to wear something patriotic.  i bought this star-covered white chiffon a while go from JoAnn but could never decide what i wanted to make out of it.  i remembered my Simplicity top pattern and decided to make a tunic top since it's so hot here in TN.  this way i can wear the top with my red bike shorts and a cami underneath.

my basis for the top was letter 'd' of the pattern, but i made some modifications.  i cut some material off the arm holes to make them fit a little bigger, and i also cut off some of the neck so that it falls lower around my neck.  i also decided to bo black bias tape around the arm holes and neck.  and to add a little spice i used red buttons.  also, for my seams, i did the normal 5/8" seams and then with back with my serger to prevent fraying.

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