Monday, July 30, 2012

Pouches Galore!

sometimes i get lots of creative thoughts running through my head and i begin to think, "oh, i need this, and i could use this.  i can make this!"  well, this is what spurred these two new projects.  i decided to make a zippered pouch and an earbud pouch.
i made the zippered pouch to go in my new purse so that i can put my pens/pencils in it.

i was inspired to make the earbud pouch 1) when i saw the tut on Pinterest and 2) because i wanted to keep the cords clean and untangled.

now, let me tell ya three things about me you don't know, and will help you understand why i chose the fabrics i did. 1)my favorite color is lime green, 2)i LOVE tie-dye, and 3)i love me some peace signs.  so, here are the fabrics i chose to use for my zippered pouch and the earbud pouch.
see, now don't these fabrics just fit me so well?! hehe  and of course i had to do a lime green zipper.  also, instead of getting fabric from a bolt i just used fabric quarters.

i found a great tutorial on Pinterest by See Kate Sew to make the zippered pouch and this awesome tut on Pinterest-good ol' Pinterest, by Erin Erickson over at Dog Under My Desk to make the earbud pouch.

for my zippered pouch i used a plastic zipper instead of the usual ones i do for a different feel.

with my earbud pouch i haven't added the split ring b/c i couldn't find them in the store at the time.  i do plan on getting some, though...and i already have two requests to whip up!  a big plus is that these are so easy and quick to make!

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