Thursday, October 25, 2012

50s Pink Lady

Halloween is upon us and my friends are having a party at their house this weekend.  i was told to bring myself and a costume.  at first i said i probably wouldn't have a costume because i had already used up my other costume ideas: 2 yrs ago i was a hippie and last year i wore my poodle skirt.  so i got to thinkin'.  i love the 50s and 60s, so what can i do?  then it came to me!  i can be one of the Pink Ladies, from Grease.  i figured: i have the saddle shoes, i have the black skinny jeans, and i have the hair scarf.  it was a no brainer!

so i went out and bought some light pink satin when it was on sale at Jo-Ann and some black ribbing for the collar and waistband and black knit cuffs.  for the jacket, i used them same pattern from the footed pajamas, but took the kid's size large and just shortened it.  i added the knit cuffs and made a waistband and collar from the knit ribbing, which i ordered from Jo-Ann, and voila i had my jacket.
to finish up the costume i did a simple appliqué on the back of the jacket.  since it was just me being a Pink Lady i decided to do Pink Lady instead of Pink Ladies.  now if you were going out with a group of friends it would be fun to have them all say Pink Ladies.  for my appliqué i simply printed the words from a word doc, traced it onto the fusible Pellon interfacing, ironed it onto my cotton fabric, cut them out, and ironed them onto my jacket.
i must say I'm pretty excited about how it turned out...especially since i made it up as i was going along!

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