Monday, January 9, 2012

Swimmin' In Teal

gah, finally finished my bathing suit!!  there were so many moments when i just wanted to give up and stop working on it, but i knew this was something i really wanted and knew it would turn out great once i finished it.  so, i continued forward...and actually, you could say that this final bathing suit is my second one.  the first i made following the pattern i got from BurdaStyle, but the fit just wasn't workin for me, so i improvised (it's what i do best. hehe)

so, i don't know if it was just me and my slowness, or the complexity of the directions for the BurdaStyle pattern, but it frustrated me sooooooo much!  first of all, cutting the bodice pieces the exact length they were from the pattern made the bodice too short for me and created an awful fit.  i couldn't get the 'boob section' to attach right and the croctch was just plain awkward.  too many issues going on and that is why i created my own.

for my own creation, i did use pieces from the burdastyle pattern for some some assistance.  i used the front and back bodice pieces, but only to trace the bottom sections, then i drew my own idea for the rest of the bodice.  i created my own 'boob piece' by just making a rectangle and cinching it in the middle and covering that with a tab.  i also added a front panel, which is what creates the ruching in the front.  now by no means is my bathing suit perfect, but it was much easier to put together than the burdastyle one (i do still love theirs, though).  also, the back, crotch and top piece are all lined.  no need to line the front bodice piece b/c of the ruched panel!


  1. I think you're really clever. I made the Alison suit but I wasn't brave enough to make alterations to the pattern. After looking at several pairs of bathers in the shops I think I'm finally brave enough to have another go.

  2. Beautiful work, I love the way you've done the "boob piece" very clever and flattering.
    I may have to have a go.

  3. Would you be willing to share your altered pattern? I am having the same problems as you did.

    1. Thanks for your interest! I would love to share the pattern, but 1)I'm not quite sure where I've placed it at the moment (lol) and 2)I need to do a lot more work on it to get it right. I'm currently in design school and will be taking a Flat Pattern class this semester, so hopefully this will help me know what I need to do on the pattern to get it perfect.