Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainbow Ruffles

so a little break away from my usual sewing creations.  this one is about yarn!! other love.  a family friend enlightened me to this awesome yarn that looks like ribbon when it's on the skein(fancy name for the yarn ball you buy from the store), looks like net when you pull it apart, and creates an amazing ruffled scarf!
TA DA!!!!!
now, the way you're supposed to make the scarf is by knitting it, but i like to improvise and do things my way, so i decided to crochet.  making this scarf was so easy and i am definitely gonna have to make more!  this particular yarn is by Bernat, but Red Heart and Starbella make some also...and there's prob other brands but these are the ones i've found.  also, this stuff sells out fast!  every place online i've looked at has been sold out and even the stores can't keep it.  so word of advice if you want to buy, get it when you see it if it's in stock. this is the link where i bought my yarn, for those of you interested.  so if you decide to take a stab at it, happy knitting or crocheting!