Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Basic Skirt

hello all my wonderful readers!  i know, it's been a while since i last visited with y'all...but of course y'all know that's because I'm staying busy with school.  i'm taking four classes this semester: Design Fundamentals 1 and Basic Drawing (which are basically just art classes, b/c all we do is draw), Intro to Fashion, and Clothing Construction 1.  i have to say that Clothing Construction is my favorite!...but of course, right! in the class we have three projects to do: a skirt, a pair of pants, and a jacket.  we've turned in one project so far, the skirt...and it was easy peasy.

the only requirements for the skirt were that it had no waistband, had darts, and then we did an invisible zipper and blind hem.  this was my first time ever doing a blind hem!  i never attempted a blind hem b/c it always looked too complicated...boy was i wrong!  it's so stinkin' easy...especially when your machine does all the work for you!  now that the skirt is finished, it's on to pants!  which, by the way, i'm going to make some red stretch denim jeans!

the finished product

blind hem

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