Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time To Represent!

so now that i'm back in college, i felt it was necessary to start wearing clothing representing O'More College of Design.  i have plenty of sweatshirts from MTSU and have to end up wearing those instead of an O'More one.

here's a few fun facts about O'More:
>it's only a design college so there are only 3 majors: fashion design, interior design, and graphic design
>it was the original house of Mrs. Eloise Pitts O'More
>there are no more than abt 300 students

so with the campus being as small as it is, there is no big bookstore that sells tons of college apparel.  so, i've decided to start customizing my own pieces.  my first piece, a sweatshirt of course!
 i bought this basic sweatshirt at Kohl's, since it's on sale, to spruce up.

 and here is the final result! love it!

to make my letters i typed it into a word doc, blew up the letters, and printed them out in reverse.  i then took some pellon fusible interfacing, the kind that has paper on one side so it is fusible on both sides, and placed my letters under it to trace them.  once my letters were traced i ironed the interfacing to my fabric scrap.  then you can cut your letters out of your fabric.  once you have the letters find the placement you want on your garment, take the paper backing off each letter and iron them down.  after that i did a simple zig-zag stitch to make it more decorative and prevent fraying.  and voila!  this was actually very easy to do and i can't wait to appliqué more pieces.

i also used the tutorial from Sew Sara to figure out how to appliqué correctly and get around those corners and curves.

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